Porsche NEXT OI Competition

Integrate your most innovative solutions with future Porsche cars

26.02 - 30.04
Chance to work on a project with Porsche
Competition successfully finished
About the competition
Porsche NEXT OI is an open innovation competition to find groundbreaking ideas and integrate them with future Porsche sportscars. The competition offers you the unique opportunity to develop your app for Porsche with the latest simulated Porsche sportscar APIs and have the chance to win prizes connected with the development of your app. The competition has been designed to give you access to a wide range of tools, systems and platforms making it one of the most inclusive developer competitions in the world.

Put simply, this is your chance to work with the latest racing and electric car APIs for the world’s leading sportscar manufacturer. Sign up now to take part!

What tools are available?
You’ll get to play around with over 300 different data sources and functions, use cloud or device SDKs, as well as utilize all other tools and resources in the platform. Crucially, you and your team will work interactively with in-browser Porsche car emulators to test your apps and services around the clock in a realistic environment.

To ease you in, you’ll find SDKs for iOS, Android and Node.js readily available in the developer platform. For all other systems you’ll find the REST API meets your needs.

What should I focus on?
The Porsche NEXT OI Competition is no ordinary hackathon. This time around we would like to guide the design of your app prototype according to real user stories. We’d love to see applications which take into account the three different phases of Home, Driving and Arrival and what a user’s needs might be at each stage of their journey. Of course, you can also simply build an app for just one or two of the three elements if you’d like to. The most important thing is to keep in mind the Porsche customer.
Think of an app related to the home. This could involve the connected home, IoT, predictive vehicle operations, charging - whatever you think fits the theme. Home is the starting point to many of our days - how can you make the customer’s transition from home to the next point in their journey as seamless as possible?
Think about how your app will shape the future of the driving experience for Porsche customers. This could involve personalization in real time, games and interfaces, services on the go, increasing productivity, or health, comfort and convenience. The sky is your limit!
Eventually your user will arrive at their destination. We will be excited to see your ideas on: arriving at the office or hotel, airport arrivals or switching between different modes of transport.
What are the prizes?
1st prize
Winners of the 1st prize will be awarded one of the following three prizes:
A trip to the Porsche Digital Lab in Berlin to work with in-house experts on a prototype for Porsche sportscars.
A trip to the Porsche Digital Lab in Tel Aviv to work with in-house experts on a prototype for Porsche sportscars.
Participation in the Supplier Tech Day at Porsche in Weissach.
And, in addition:
Work further on the winning application with a Porsche software developer.
2nd prize
Winners of the 2nd prize will:
Opportunity to participate in the selection day at “Startup Autobahn” - an interface for connecting startups with industry partners.
Work further on the winning application with a Porsche software developer.
3rd prize
Winners of the 3rd prize will:
Opportunity to participate in the APX accelerator program once your pitch and business plan have been approved by the APX investment team
Work further on the winning application with a Porsche software developer.
What is the timeline?
Competition launches.
Teams can begin concepting, building and testing their apps on Porsche sportscar emulators. Registration remains open until 30.04.
First feedback point.
Teams can submit their project idea for initial feedback from industry experts.
Second feedback point.
Teams can submit the first version of their app for detailed feedback from industry experts.
Submission deadline.
Last day for teams to submit their completed project to the judging panel.
Virtual semi-finals.
Fifteen teams are chosen to present their work and the top five of these teams are invited to go through to the final.
Finals and award ceremony. The top five teams join Porsche in Stuttgart for final presentations. Winners are selected and prizes awarded.
Who can take part?
Web Developers
App Developers
Automotive Engineers
Students & Universities
Automotive Suppliers