Starting early 2019

Porsche NEXT OI Competition

Bring the best you got into future Porsche cars

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Starting early 2019
About the competition
Porsche NEXT OI is an open innovation competition to find groundbreaking ideas and bring them to Porsche cars. The competition offers you the unique opportunity to develop your App for Porsche with the latest simulated Porsche sportscar APIs and have the chance to win prizes connected with the development of your app. The competition has been designed to give you access to a wide range of tools, systems and platforms making it one of the most inclusive developer competitions in the world.
What tools are available?
You’ll get to play around with over 300 different data sources and functions, use cloud or device SDKs, other tools and resources. Most importantly, you can work interactively with in-browser Porsche car emulators around the clock to test your apps and services. Not convinced? Put simply, this is your chance to work with the latest racing and electric car APIs for the world’s leading sportscar manufacturer - Porsche.

To ease you in, you’ll find the SDKs for iOS, Android and Node.js readily available in the developer platform once you sign up. If you’re using a different system, the REST API will be of use.
Why should I participate?
The Porsche NEXT OI Competition is no ordinary hackathon. This time around we would like to guide the design of your app prototype according to the real user stories. You can use only one or make them all part of your app, as you wish. The following video sequences will inspire you:
Think of an app related to connected home, IoT, predictive vehicle operations, charging etc.
You may have an idea how your app will shape the future for: driving experience and personalization in real time, games and interfaces, services on the go, increasing productivity, health, comfort and convenience, smart vehicle etc.
Eventually the users will arrive somewhere. We will be excited to see your concepts on: arriving to the office, travel to hotel, airport or switching to other mobility modes.
When will it start?
Pre-registrations open. Sign up not to miss any important information.
The official launch of the Porsche Next OI Competition by end of February 2019. Details announced soon.
Virtual Semi-Finals. Selection of finalists going into the final round.
Finals and the Award Ceremony @Porsche in Germany.
Who can take part?
Web Developers
App Developers
Automotive Engineers
Students & Universities
Automotive Suppliers